Simply put, Henna tinting is a treatment that involves staining the skin and brow hair, but it’s different from the usual eyebrow dye you’d use during eyebrow tinting. This brow beauty method offers a quality alternative to eyebrow tinting, microblading and tattooing for those who regularly fill in their brows. Say bye bye to wasting time using brow pencils daily!

What is Henna and where does it come from?

Henna has been a fashion and beauty statement since ancient Egyptian times, when noblewomen used it as makeup, hair dye, and clothing dye. Women in the Indian sub-continent are known to use it the most now, during their festivities and for beautification. Henna comes from a plant that grows in high-temperature surroundings of 35 degrees and up. Its leaves are crushed into powder, which is then used for cosmetic staining and dyeing.

At Lash and Brow Corner, we use a plant-based henna to colour your brow hairs and skin, giving the impression of fullness and depth and hiding any sparseness in the brow area. It lasts longer than regular eyebrow tinting and leaves your brows looking bold, thick, and beautiful.

Although the application process is similar to traditional Indian henna colouring, body henna is not used for brows. The shades that we use are specially formulated for your brows. People love it better than a regular brow tint because it is a 100% natural and organic ingredient with no added chemicals. The best part is that its results last longer, that is 6 to 8 weeks.

Henna brow treatments are completely safe for most people.

Find out if you need henna brows or a regular tint:

Blondes: blonde hair with ashy tones look incredible with regular brow tint.

Warm blondes: henna and regular tint, both will suit you, so it comes down to the look you’re trying to achieve.

Brunettes: brunettes have a lot of freedom when it comes to colour choices. If you want a fuller and more noticeable look, we highly recommend henna as it will fill in any sparser areas. If a stain isn’t needed, brow tint is a great option too.

Redheads: henna is a great choice for those with a bit of warmth in their hair.

Brown hair: henna brows, definitely!

Black hair: henna brows for sure, since your hair are already dark, and they just need a bit of staining on the skin surface to appear darker and fuller.

Oily skin: we find that both regular brow tint and henna brow colour suit your skin, but may fade as the natural oils can move the colour away from your skin in a month.

Combination skin: henna brows are a greater choice!

Normal skin: these lucky ones can choose either, because both treatments will give them amazing results.

Some people are anxious over the permanency of brow tattooing, which is why henna tinting is a wonderful option to test the waters! It is a nice way to trial a shape and colour then make up your mind if you want to work up to something more permanent. It also saves the time spent applying makeup in the mornings.

If you’re still seeking some more direction and guidance, write to us.